A research proposal is essential to write if you want to take admitted to any reputed university. In simple terms, your enrolment for Masters's's, MPhil, and Ph.D. depends on a good proposal. As its name indicates, you need to propose and outline your research idea in the proposal. If you have prepared a research paper for college graduation and want to do further research on the same topic. Contact essay writing service online and request them to write your essay.

You can prepare a proposal on the same topic as well but it must contain all the updated research material as well. If you have not prepared a research proposal then do not worry yet, I am here to help you out. I am writing down a simple guide and tips advised by academics. By following these points you can write an excellent proposal.


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A guide to preparing a research proposal


  • Purpose of a research proposal

         It is a very basic attribute that you should know the purpose of. It is only because you might need funding to write your final thesis or conduct further research. Your proposal should be convincing, relevant, familiar, and feasible to pursue. If there are any practical constraints then your proposal might get rejected from the start. That is why you need to mention tools, procedures, and relevant data.

  • Length of research proposal

         The length of your proposal may vary depending on your academic discipline. In this context, you strictly need to follow the given details by the academic institution. If you are still thinking about how to start an essay – then you definitely need to hire a professional essay writer. He can guide you step by step or may be able to write a full proposal.

  1. Title page   

         Your proposal must have a title page where you need to mention information like candidate name, institution affiliation, title, supervisor name, department name, and date. However, the format will vary depending on your citation style selection.

  • Abstract and table of contents

         Your proposal may take up to ten pages or longer than this. To avoid any complexity make sure to write an abstract and table contents. It would give a reader an overview of your proposal and he can easily navigate through it.


  • Introduction

          It is the first major part of your proposal where you need to succinctly explain the topic. You can use your background knowledge to discuss the topic as well. The other way is to briefly describe the sequence of your body paragraphs. Me, at first, it was quite difficult so I decided to get help from an academic essay writer. I asked him to write my essay for me since then I am using that perfectly written essay as a sample.

  • Literature review

         You need to mention every source from where you have gathered the information. Your sources should be relevant to your topic and must be convincing for a reader. A good literature review shows a solid foundation about the topic and your ability to find it. Just make sure that you are not repeating anything that other scholars have already written.

  • Research methods and design

         You need to clearly tell the research type to your supervisor. You can adapt qualitative or quantitative approaches to collect relevant data. In the same way, tell the reader about the nature of primary and secondary sources. It would create authenticity in your proposal and it would contain more chances to get approved.

  • Contribution and implication to knowledge

        In your proposal, you need to mention how you would be creating new knowledge on the basis of the existing one. The existing knowledge would work as a base but make sure you offer something new in your research. You can apply theoretical approaches and policy objectives as well. It would intrigue your supervisor to approve your proposal instantly.

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